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Our Mission: Raise up, resource, and release God’s people to reach the lost around them.

“Jesus went through every city and village...”

- Matthew 9:35

THE URBAN VILLAGE STORY - the last 20 years and the next 10 years

A Passion For The Lost (2003-2006)

God gave us a passion for reaching lost people. While the lost people we met wanted to talk about Jesus, they had no interest in visiting a church building. Instead, we launched missional communities in local restaurants to give them a space to learn about Jesus.

A Discipleship Problem (2007-2010)

Soon we gathered others who shared our passion for the lost. We invited friends, family, and strangers to join us at The Whole Enchilada restaurant where we would eat, open up our lives, and share the Gospel. God saved people far from Him during that time. But we didn’t know how to disciple this many new believers at once. We searched for a curriculum that could help, yet we found nothing relevant to their needs.

Catching the Vision (2011-2019)

God was faithful and showed us a scalable discipleship journey straight out of the New Testament. We then began to live as full-time, local missionaries pursuing these principles in our community. As God blessed this work, we started recording the best practices so we could multiply the movement to other cities.

A Reproducible Plan (2020-Present)

With these best practices in hand, we created and tested a missional discipleship journey that raises up, resources, and releases God’s people to reach the lost around them. We used this system to lead 12 people to the Lord during the early months of the pandemic and helped them become disciples who make disciples. Now, we’re ready to reproduce that discipleship journey in 30 global cities and beyond.



Let us rise up and build.
So they strengthened their hands for the good work.

– Nehemiah 2:18

Through Every City (2033) - The next 10 years

We have now piloted this missional discipleship journey with churches and small groups in multiple states for more than two years and have received helpful feedback. As we march toward the 2,000th anniversary of The Great Commission in 2033, we have a plan to see a harvest of 6 million lost souls as we work together to fulfill Jesus’ final command—to make disciples of all nations.

But We Can’t Do This Without You

Through your generosity, we believe God will do “immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine.”

(Ephesians 3:20)

Our Tasks:


Only God’s people can reach the lost. To do this, we must turn our churches into missional armies. Our Urban Village TEAM Blueprint is how we Train, Equip, Activate, and Mobilize God’s people to move from off mission to on mission, from the sidelines to the frontlines, from the church’s seats to the city’s streets.


Through our unique 3D Bridge, Urban Village maximizes each church’s ability to Draft missional teams, Develop missional disciples, and Deploy a missional movement to the harvest fields where Jesus is already at work and waiting for laborers to join Him.

Our Timeline:

To make this vision a reality, we need to raise $450,000 by the end of 2023. We have two important deadlines to meet. We are seeking to raise $225,000 by September 1. We will seek to raise the remaining $225,000 by December 31.

These resources will fuel three phases of work:

Phase 1: Years 1-3 (ongoing through year 10) Supporting churches through our missional team packages. Creating The WAY into a digital product, developing and creating The HEART, compiling the workbooks and launching the Live training for The CALL in Charlotte, NC

Phase 2: Years 3-6 (ongoing through 10) Launching marketing to target cities to attract Missional Disciples outside of churches to create UV’s and plug them into the UV digital support teams, and to funnel them to local churches in their area. Finalize the Book, compile these testimonies into The Podcast


Phase 3: Launch direct marketing to the Urban areas that need it most directly to the individuals seeking Christ, promoting The HEART free to the public to get them plugged in with the Missional Discipleship part of the digital UV that has been developed. Launch the Missional Team Leader retreats and the UV convention.

“The Urban Village Way supplies us with proven, effective, and timely means to reach the lost and support them on a disciple making journey.”

Rev. Robert Pacienza

Senior Pastor | Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, FL

“I encourage you to give generously so together we can make a Rich Investment in a Soul's Eternity. I can’t wait to see all God will do. This is our time!”

Jameson Reeder

Founder and President | Urban Village

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